Arthritis in Pets

Just like humans, many animals suffer from joint pain caused by arthritis. According to, one in five dogs suffers from canine arthritis. Pets are more likely to experience arthritis as they age. Those that suspect their pet is suffering from arthritis should make an appointment with their veterinarian.

Animal lovers located close to the Methuen, MA, area, should call one of the leading animal hospitals in the area, Methuen Veterinary Hospital. Our experienced veterinary team and staff will find out the cause of your pet's pain and develop a treatment plan that will reduce the effects of arthritis and help your pet regain its range of motion. 

Arthritis in Pets

How Can You Tell if Your Pet Has Arthritis?

There are many ways pet owners can tell if their pet is suffering from arthritis. They may have trouble getting up and downstairs, jumping up on beds or couches, and may have a hard time standing up from a prone position. According to the American Kennel Club, there are additional signs that your dog or cat may be suffering from Osteoarthritis, also known as Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), which includes:

  • Stiffness, lameness, limping, or difficulty getting up
  • Lethargy/tiredness
  • Reluctance to run, jump, or play
  • Changes in weight
  • Irritability 
  • Pain when petted or moved
  • Difficulty posturing to urinate or defecate, or having accidents in the house

Most cases of osteoporosis occur in senior dogs and large breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador, and Golden Retrievers. At-risk pets should be seen regularly by their veterinarian that can spot arthritis in the pet. 

Treatment Options for Pets with Arthritis

If you suspect your pet is suffering from arthritis, your vet will conduct some tests to check their mobility. And see if your pet a full range of motion or if it experiences pain when certain movements are made. They will make some suggestions and treatments that will help your pet feel better. Some common forms of treatment include:

  • Weight management so the pet's bones and ligaments do not have to carry undue weight
  • Ensure the pet is getting the proper food to meet its nutritional needs
  • Supplements that contain glucosamine or chondroitin
  • Anti-inflammatories made for pets
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture 

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