Pet Dental Care FAQs

For many people, their pets are just like members of the family. As such, they would go to all lengths in order to make sure they are treated as part of the family, which includes taking care of their cat and dog dental care. To help you with that process, we at Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen Massachusetts, have provided a pet dental care FAQ to help you understand the basics.

Pet Dental Care

Veterinarian Near Me- How Can I Tell When My Pet Dental Care Is Suffering from Poor Dental Health?

There are certain symptoms of poor dental health in pets, some of which are clearer to us than others. Some symptoms can be observed using simple senses; for instance, the sight of yellow or brown teeth, or even if your pet has unusually bad breath that you can smell.

If your pet's dental health is allowed to worsen enough, it may result in your pet needing to go to an animal hospital in order to treat an even worse problem than what they originally had.

How Does a Vet Near Me Detect Issues with My Pet's Dental Health?

When checking a pet's teeth, there are two ways they go about it. The first is to take a surface-level look at it, which may be enough to detect that something is wrong right from the start. The next way they do it is using an oral x-ray, which gives them an idea of problems that they cannot see with the naked eye, such as if your dog is suffering from gum disease. Animals are not exactly keen to have strangers sticking their hands in their mouth, however, so a veterinarian will typically administer anesthesia in order to make the process go smoothly.

What Will a Vet Near Me Do to Help?

Figuring out whether your pet is struggling with poor pet dental health is important, but figuring out how it should be fixed is just as important. A veterinarian at an animal hospital will be able to examine what is wrong with your pet's teeth, but most importantly, how to fix it.

What Does a Veterinarian Near Me Recommend for Long-term Pet Dental Health?

Regular check-ups are recommended, as well as regularly brushing your dog's teeth in order to prevent teeth health from worsening.

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Pet dental is important, and helps improve your pet's comfort, health, and longevity of life. In order to get your pet on the right track, contact us at Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen Massachusetts or call us at (978) 685-8031 today!

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