Senior Pet Care

There are a wide range of diseases and ailments that can impact your senior pet. We may want our pets to always be healthy and have the same energy, like humans, our pet's health will eventually deteriorate and cause a wide range of issues that could cause them to live in discomfort as they get older. If you want to do everything you can to alleviate your pet's pain and help them prosper during the later years of their life, you should visit a veterinarian that can provide senior pet care.

At Methuen Veterinary Hospital, our animal hospital can help aging pets get the assistance they need to stay healthy, prevent serious diseases from impacting their health later in life, and can help them feel well even during the later years. We want to help pet owners in Methuen, MA, get assistance from a veterinarian on our veterinary team that can provide senior pet care for their pets.

Senior Pet Care

Does My Pet Need Senior Pet Care?

Your pet may need to get senior pet care services around the age of 7, which can be the age they are considered to be seniors in pet years. You might notice your pet struggling with issues they never did before, such as deteriorating health, physical strength, fatigue, and inability to keep down certain foods.

Changes in behavior are also common in older pets, such as are skin issues, deteriorating eye health, and medical conditions like diabetes and cancer. Fortunately, a veterinarian at our animal hospital can help diagnose your pet with these issues and get them the care they need during their annual physical exam.

How Can a Veterinarian Help My Pet?

It may be important to take your pet to visit a veterinarian at our animal hospital when you notice any of these signs of aging. In addition, certain breeds of cats and dogs might age faster than others. A veterinarian on our veterinary team can inform you of when a good time is to bring in your pet for extra care, and initiate treatments such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Exercises at home for arthritis and pain
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Changes in diet
  • Addition of medications for conditions like diabetes
  • Surgery or other recommendations for serious conditions like cancer
  • Physical exams to look at their skin health 

These can help prevent your pet's age from causing them discomfort, as well as improve their health and stop certain diseases from progressing further.

Get Senior Pet Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At Methuen Veterinary Hospital, we'll be here to provide senior pet care for your pet. Call us at (978) 685-8031 to schedule an appointment at our animal hospital in Methuen, MA.

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