Pet Surgery

Finding out that your pet needs surgery is never easy, but there are times when performing a surgical procedure is the best way to restore your pet’s health. Our vets only recommend surgery when there is a good reason. When you take your pet for an elective or urgent care surgery at our Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen Massachusetts, it helps to know what to expect.


Common Pet Surgery Procedures

Spaying and neutering are among the most common surgical procedures that we perform at our animal hospital. When you look for a “veterinarian near me,” you may also be searching for someone to perform an elective surgical procedure, such as one that removes a benign skin growth. Or, your pet might need surgery for an urgent care need. A skin abscess, torn ligament, or suspected internal bleeding are all reasons why your pet might need immediate surgical care.

What to Look for When Searching for a Vet Near Me

Beginning your search puts you in touch with emergency care providers that work close to your home. In addition to looking for a vet with experience, you’ll also want to find one that is close enough that you can rush your pet to their animal hospital when the worst happens. For instance, you may prefer to find a vet close to your house that can check on your pet if they eat a foreign object or show sudden signs of unexplainable pain. 

Ways an Animal Hospital Cares for Pets During Surgery

Our vets begin caring for your pet before they even start with the surgical procedure. Pre-surgical assessments are often recommended that include doing blood tests and other prep work to make sure that your pet is in good health for the surgery. Once your pet arrives for their procedure, we perform the surgery in a dedicated room that is sanitized and cleaned to prevent infections. We’ll also communicate with you about your pet’s progress until you are ready to pick them up. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in Methuen, MA

When a pet needs surgical care, our veterinary team is here to help you feel confident about the care that we provide. We encourage you to give our Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen Massachusetts a call with all of your questions. We’ll give you answers for each one along with some information about how to help your pet stay comfortable during their post-surgical recovery.

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