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Signs of Dermatological Conditions

There are several common signs that your pet has a dermatological condition. One of the biggest signs is itching. You may notice your pet scratching frequently. You may also notice them biting themselves in a particular area. In addition to itchy skin, they may also have a rash. Rashes can be easy to miss if your pet has a lot of hair, but it's easier to spot on hairless areas. Skin lesions can develop as well. These are sores that develop on your pet's skin.

Other signs of skin issues include:

  •    Allergies
  •    Chewing or licking feet
  •    Hair loss
  •    Ear infections
  •    Bad or yeasty smell

Common Dermatological Conditions


Allergies are the most common reason for skin problems in pets. Allergies can be caused by foods, environmental allergens, or fleas. Allergies can cause a skin rash and itching. Your pet may also have nasal or respiratory issues, or stomach upset.

Allergy treatment begins with diagnosing the allergens. This can be done through blood testing and skin tests. You may also need to give them a special diet to determine if they are allergic to certain foods. When allergens can't be avoided, your pet may need oral allergy medication or creams to manage the symptoms.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is another common problem. This can be caused by allergies, sensitive skin, or an infection. Atopic dermatitis causes red, itchy, and cracked skin, along with skin inflammation.

Dry Skin and Dandruff

Dry skin and dandruff are benign causes of skin irritation. Dry skin is more common in winter, and some breeds are more prone to this than others. Their diet can also cause dry skin. Dandruff and dry skin can be treated by your veterinarian with topical medications and potentially dietary changes.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections are a more concerning cause of skin problems in pets. You may notice that your pet has itchy skin and sores or lesions. They may also have a yeasty or foul-smelling odor, particularly near the lesion. Your vet will prescribe a cream or oral medication to treat the infection. In some cases, your pet may need both a cream and an antibiotic medication. The good news is that these infections are highly treatable, and the lesions should heal quickly.

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