When caring for a pet, most people think of vaccinations and yearly exams. While these are essential aspects of keeping a pet healthy and active, dental care is also an area of care necessary for optimal health care. At Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen, we can provide excellent veterinary services for your pet, including dental care.

Pet Dental Care

Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Dental health is important because problems with gums, teeth, or other areas of the mouth may be an indication of more serious health issues. Broken or sore teeth and gums can also affect your pet's eating habits. Inability to chew or eat properly is not only painful for your pet but can cause an animal to lose weight quickly. Regular dental care can help prevent tooth loss and keep your pet as healthy as possible.

What Are Signs of Dental Problems?

There are usually signs and symptoms of problems with a pet's teeth. It's important to schedule an appointment with our team immediately if you notice any symptoms, including:

  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums or from other areas of the mouth
  • Swelling in the mouth area
  • Excessive drooling or abnormal chewing
  • Refusal to eat

What Are Some Causes of Pet Dental Problems?

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to poor dental health in pets. Sometimes, periodontal disease or broken teeth will cause bleeding and pain. Teeth can become abscessed, or tumors can grow in an animal's mouth. As an animals ages, there is a greater chance of dental problems, particularly periodontal disease.

What Our Veterinarians Can Do for Your Pet

Our veterinarians will check your pet's teeth when conducting a routine exam. The earlier dental problems are found, the easier and less expensive treatment may be. Our vets can complete regular dental cleanings for your pet while it is under anesthesia. X-rays may also be needed to evaluate the teeth and jaw area. Sometimes, tooth extractions or minor oral surgery are needed to ensure your pet remains healthy and pain-free.

Contact Us for Quality Pet Dental Care from Our Methuen Veterinarians

At Methuen Veterinary Hospital, we provide various care for cats, dogs, rabbits, and exotic pets. We offer surgical procedures, dental care, emergency services, and more to keep your pet safe and healthy. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the care your pet needs when it needs it most.  Contact us at Methuen Veterinary Hospital in Methuen to learn more about how we can help your pet's health. 

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